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FAA Medical Exam

FAA Medical Exam services offered in Lakeland, FL

If you need a physical exam to obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Medical Certificate, Sergio B. Seoane, MD, can help. At his office in Lakeland, Florida, Dr. Seoane provides FAA medical exams for men and women of all ages to qualify you to be a pilot.  Dr. Seoane provides First, Second, and Third Class FAA Aviation Medical Certificates. He is also a HIMS AME. 

A HIMS AME is a physician who has additional training in evaluating airmen for substance or alcohol-related conditions or other conditions (such as the SSRI program, pilots who are taking certain anti-depression medications).  HIMS AMEs can provide sponsorship and monitoring when required by the FAA for medical certification purposes.  A HIMS AME can sponsor an Airmen in an industry HIMS program (airlines); and/or Airmen who do not work for an HIMS industry airline but are in an FAA monitoring program (private pilots or corporate pilots).

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FAA Medical Exam Q & A

What is an FAA medical exam?

A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam is a medical examination by an FAA-designated aviation medical examiner that ensures you meet the required medical standards to safely fly a plane. Dr. Seoane offers this service if you need an FAA exam to begin a new job or maintain your current job credentials.

What should I bring with me to an FAA medical exam?

Bring the following items, documents, and information with you to an FAA medical exam:

  • List of medications you take
  • List of past vaccinations (immunizations)
  • Glasses or contacts, if you wear them
  • Hearing aid if you wear one
  • Form of payment
  • Government-issued Picture ID
  • FAA medical exam forms

Be prepared to discuss your medical history with Dr. Seoane, including your vaccination history, medications, personal and family medical history, lifestyle, and symptoms.

What should I expect during an FAA medical exam?

During an FAA medical exam, Dr. Seoane weighs you, determines your body mass index (BMI), and checks your pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs.

He completes a physical exam, looking for illnesses, injuries, and diseases. Dr. Seoane also conducts vision and hearing screenings, heart- or lung-function tests if needed, blood tests, and other tests to diagnose or help you properly manage a medical condition.

If you meet the required FAA medical standards, Dr. Seoane signs the appropriate paperwork that allows you to receive a medical certificate. If you do not meet the criteria for an FAA Medical Certificate, Dr. Seoane may be able to assist you meeting the criteria for an FAA Medical Certificate or applying for a "Special Issuance" ie, a waiver, in order to obtain an FAA Medical Certificate. 

For example, you might need vision correction, hearing aids, or medication management for an illness or disease. Dr. Seoane treats you for primary care concerns or refers you to a specialist to treat a complex medical problem.

How often do I need an FAA medical exam?

You might need an FAA exam every six months, yearly, or less often, depending on your medical history, age, and the medical certificate you require. Your employer lets you know how often you need an exam and which medical exam is required for your job duties.

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